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The “Me” post

Here are some compositions and performances of which I’m rather proud:

The above is a chorale-prelude on Londonderry Air, in the style of J. S. Bach.  The occasion was a half-day marathon of recitals, organized by Michael Barone, honoring Bach’s 327th birthday (March 21st, 2012).  The actual date of the recitals was March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day.  So there you go.

I’m particularly proud of the coherent harmonic plan: the major structural cadences are on I, V, vi, iii, and I.  It is a little unusual that V is not reasserted before the final appearance of I, but the tune is such that moving directly from iii to I made sense.  I also attempted to satisfy the desire for V by writing an extended pedal 6-4.  I think it was successful.  Bach’s architecture is always solid. Bach never meanders.

I’m also proud of the careful and deliberate use of chromaticism and dissonance.  This is an important element in Bach’s style.  Bach constantly uses “colorful” or even “audacious” pitches, but not without proper justification; not without an organic raison d’etre.  Listen especially for the two instances of properly executed diminished octaves (!).

I’ll add more compositions later.